Our Vision and Mission

Vision: People seamlessly connected to each other and their environments in a safe, private, and secure world. Life is easier and richer through the adoption of the Internet of Things.

Mission: Enable effective use and spur broad adoption of the Internet of Things by making it as easy to discover and interact with connected devices, as it is to find and use information on the open web. The resulting open ecosystem should facilitate experimentation with applications and user experience, ensure privacy and security, develop systems that guarantee interoperability.

The IOT System Stack

We define a hardware and software stack to enable a successful IoT ecology.

  • Extensible and integrated
  • Security & privacy sensitive
  • End-user programmable
  • Widely deployable
We aim to enhance human to human, human to system and human to environment interaction

Why is it called the GIoTTO Stack?

Giotto di Bondone (1267 – 1337) was an Italian Painter and architect from Florence, Italy.
He was first in line of great artists that contributed to the Italian Renaissance.
Our project takes his name in hopes of being first in line of Globalization of Internet of Things.

The Sensors & Actuators

Low-power Sensing:
Vision, Acoustic, E&M, …

Precise Localization:
RF ToF, Acoustic, Visible Light

Smartphone Data Mulling, Low-power Communication