Synergy Labs
The Systems, Networking, and Energy Efficiency (Synergy) lab is at the School of Computer Science, at Carnegie Mellon University. It is led by Professor Yuvraj Agarwal. Our lab was started by Yuvraj at UC San Diego and we continue to have close ties and collaborations with colleagues in that department, including the MESL Lab. Our research focus is on designing systems with the goal of improving energy efficiency at all levels. As such many of our research projects span hardware systems (embedded/sensors) and software systems with students acquiring experience in either or both areas. We focus on project with a high societal impact and relevance and aim to develop and deploy our resarch at scale. Recent examples include multiple Smart Building related projects that have been deployed across a Building (Occupancy based control, SleepServer, Sentinel) and at a campus scale at UC San Diego (Energy Dashboard). Another example is our ProtectMyPrivacy project currently in use by over 150,000 iOS users!
What's new?
Dec 2018

Paper on the Implications of Privacy and Security on IoT Device Purchases accepted to ACM CHI '19. Congratulations Pardis!

Nov 2018

Paper on Extracting Knowledge from Smartphone Push Notifications accepted to IEEE BigData '18. Congratulations Yuanchun!

Oct 2018

Two papers accepted to ACM IMWUT'18 (Ubicomp'19): Autopurpose and Coconut! Congratulations Haojian and Tianshi!

Sep 2018

Project on Building End-to-End support for Privacy in the Internet-of-Things is Awarded! Thank you NSF! (Award: #1801472).

Aug 2018

Project on Sensei - Building a Smart Classroom using sensing, computer vision, machine learning is Awarded!Thank you NSF! (Award: #1822813).

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